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The SARA Board have made the decision to cancel the 2021 SARA Queens,

and will replace the event with an Invitation Shoot.

The reasons behind the
decision are many, but the main factors were

a) the risk of
monetary loss

b) if
other states dont have the opportunity to participate,
it wouldn't be an Open
Championship/Queens Event .

The details of this new event will be available in due course.

The events for 2021 are starting to come through.

Please note!

They may be subject to Covid restrictions and requirments


And will be implementated on

1st November 2020.

Make sure your flagged up.

Keep upto date here.

Why has the NRAA introduced the Empty Chamber Indicator?

Most of you – the members – would be aware of the NRAA Board’s recent decision to introduce Empty Chamber Indicators (ECI) into the SSRs. The change to the rules will be introduced on 1 July 2020, for implementation by 1st November 2020.

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Jim's released part
7 of the snippets of SARA history.
Supplied by Jim Caspers,
link here, Thank you Jim

The Competiton Manual 1-9-19 is ready to download

Download here

For the latest rule update NRAA website


Long Range Target Shooting

The South Australian Rifle Association controls the sport of Long Range Target Shooting within South Australia. There are 34 affiliated clubs operating from 27 rifle ranges all over the state and Broken Hill offering easy access to our great sport. Our Mission is to provide a safe, educational and encouraging environment, to promote firearm awareness and safety, and to facilitate the sport of Competitive Target Rifle Shooting at all levels.

-Types of Shooting-

Target Rifle   F-Class
The traditional long range shooting - 300m to 1,000m.
Shot from the prone position using peep sights.
 The rifles used are either 223Rem or 308Win calibre. This discipline is shot in the Commonwealth Games.
  Usually shot in conjunction with the Target Rifle.
Still shot from the prone position but the rifles are shot using rests and any sights (scopes etc) are allowed, includes F Open, F Standard and F/TR
---   ---
Match Rifle   Service
Match Rifle Shooting is long range target shooting conducted over the distances of 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards or 900, 1000 and 1100 metres  - i.e. where normal full bore target shooting stops, Match Rifle shooting starts!   Uses any legal unmodified military rifle up to 8mm. Magazines are permitted and matches are fired from 100m to 300m.
 Service Rifle matches closely follow those conducted in the military.
---   ---
Hunter/Sporting Class  
A newer class in Australia. It caters for shooters of sporting/ hunting rifles that are more commonly available and used by thousands of existing shooters. It provides an oppurtunity to experience the challenges of shooting long ranges in a safe club environment with experienced long range shooters.  




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