Club History


Snippets of SARA history supplied by Jim Caspers

Koppio (No. 149):


The Club was formed in 1913 with Mr. J.R. Durdin as captain, but the first competition shoot was not held until July 1915 when 30 shooters out of a membership of 60 competed for £4- in prizes.


The inaugural club secretary, Mr. W.E. Lear, enlisted in the army and was killed in action in Europe on 29th August 1916.


In July 1928 the 10 remaining members of the Cummins club, which was to disband, transferred to the Koppio club. In April 1929 the two clubs were officially amalgamated under the Koppio name. In October 1940 the Club changed its name to Cummins Rifle Club.





Carawa (No. 213):


The Club was formed in August 1916 with Mr. W.G. Lewis as captain.  The range was officially opened in July 1917.


In May 1919 the “South Eastern Times” reported:


A Red Tape Gem.—Recently the Carawa rifle Club received from the military authorities an account for the yearly rental of their rifle range. The amount was a modest 1/. The secretary when remitting previously wrote the department suggesting that he pay the one shilling rental to a local resident, to whom the money is eventually paid each year, and forward his receipt to the department.. The reply received was an emphatic no; the shilling and the transaction had to pass through the hands of the authorities. This is what it costs to collect that shilling:—Postage on original account, 1½d; postage note pound age, ½d ; postage on remittance, 1½d ; postage on receipts to the club and to the ultimate possessor of the rental, 3d; total 6½d, besides the stationery that is used. And then the authorities wondered why the electors voted "No."


The Club changed its name to Nunjikompita in October 1937 when the range was shifted to Tuchinbingina Reserve.